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the work that moves me deals with aspects of preservation—documentary photography, relics, old film reels, works that reveal the story of mysterious or unknown persons, historic preservation, art that represents people, places and distinct moments in time.

I have always had a deep obsession with documenting—As a child, I was very afraid of forgetting moments in my life. Not big moments, but small everyday events that I felt so attached to, that I wanted to share with others, that I never wanted to let go of. I started a journal at the age of 6 and made multiple daily entries. I still have calendars that list daily events. I began taking photographs of all the things around me I liked to look at that I felt represented my life and what was important to remember. My attic is filled with boxes of this documentation. It has only been over the past several years (after the birth of my son) that I have reduced my writing, photography and compulsive fear of forgetting. This may seem ironic, but I realized that I was so afraid of forgetting, I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on.

I have a tattoo on my wrist of a ginko leaf which represents ancestry, remembering and perseverance—it reminds me that I will remember what is most important, and in order to do that, I must live in the present-looking forward rather than walking backwards starring at the past and fearing the loss of that which I do not know. I am changing the way I approach art making-I want to continue to be inspired by memory and encapsulating moments of influence and history, but I also want my work to move forward without fear.