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Waters Rising
Waters Rising
Set and projection developed in partnership with inmates at Walker State Prison

"Waters Rising" is a mini-opera produced in collaboration with Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison in Northwest Georgia and Chattanooga's Hunter Museum of American Art. This performance at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre will be the first public performance of the opera following the private world premiere debuting inside the prison prior.

Co-written with the men currently serving out their sentences at Walker, "Waters Rising" was brought to life by composer Tim Hinck and librettist Kendra Preston Leonard. Musical ideas were created from collaborative ideas during an improv session with the Walker men and later crafted into the melodies and songs for this opera by Hinck and Leonard. The story is one of transformation from darkness to light based on the ideas and feedback from the prisoners.

"Waters Rising" engages the talents of professional musicians and vocalists from Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, and Colorado. Featuring award-winning vocalists Del'Shawn Taylor from Denver and Chattanooga local Darrin James Hassevoort. They will perform at the Walker State Prison world premiere and this public performance.