Kris Bespalec

image: Snapshot from photo series Reflective Practice of Precious Objects

“Except for my scars, I will only have memories- intangible and fragile to the test of time. I will only be able to let go of my sacrifice- never relive it or hold it in its entirety. As a mother, as a daughter, as a woman.” -- from my journal, reflecting on the birth of my daughter

My sculptures integrate found and precious objects, encapsulating the fragile life of memory while reflecting on the plural acts of womanhood. From child to mother- daily routine to traditional heritage- transitional objects reference the process of heirloom building and integrate the Christian tradition of relics with my own personal narratives.

As the work develops, I am creating a framework for how I define myself as woman -ever changing- amongst the complicated roles, dualities, expectations and stereotypical perception of the feminine.