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    The preservation of objects and images that speak of miraculous belief-- the physical interpretations of a person, place or event and the symbols of time passed-- transcends both culture and class throughout human history. Laden with spiritual belief or personal meaning, these items are honored on display, preserved in reliquaries to be visited and cherished, or tucked into the corners of the mind for later reference, reminding us of where we’ve been or something better yet to come. From gilded icons and reliquaries to heirlooms and dusty boxes stored in the attic, relics embody the ways we care for and elevate the emotional content that we hold onto for comfort, inspiration and as precious memories.

    Issue 97 invites contributions from artists, writers, and other creative approaches to the notion of relics, considering not only the tradition of making and preserving these symbols but their long term significance of such things becoming personal, social, cultural and even political time capsules of what we deem to be worthy of preservation and representative of our affections.


  • Mineral House Media Exhibition at Fluorecent Gallery, Knoxville

    Mineral House Media Exhibition at Fluorecent Gallery, Knoxville

    Open by Appointment
    Closing reception November 30